Ongoing July 2015: Chinatown for Denmark

Hybrid Maxim Huabiao (Chinatown for Denmark)
Chinatown Communicative Scene

'A gift of a pagoda, the presence of a prominent citizen, and the possibilities of hospitality.'
Ornamental Chinese column coated in rubberised auto paint and supplementary painting of the column in situ were completed as site specific works on the island of Sejerø during the month of July 2015. Hybrid Maxim Huabiao was intended as an artificial symbol of diversity; the fabricated impression of a Chinatown situated in vague isolation as a comment on culturalism and multiculturalism.
Sejerø 2015

August 2014: Portrait of Olifat (Born from his Mother's Head), and Other Love Affairs

Portrait of Lilith by Héloïse d'Argenteuil
The Spirit of Cio Cio San Instructing the Death of Saci
Portrait of Olifat (Born from his Mother's Head) with Coconut
Kumiho and the Last Moments of Antigone
Kumiho and the Last Moments of Antigone continued
Héloïse d'Argenteuil in a Room where Br’er Rabbit and Kokopelli had Recently Been
Peace Offering for Juan Tamad

Paintings with oil and sand on glass portraying the fictional romances of various trickster deities and common household spirits. Dedicated to the memory of HR Giger.
New Years, Copenhagen